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Ignite Summer Program is powered by New Way Academy – so the morning educational enrichment is tailored towards the needs and accommodations that New Way students receive during the school year. Enrolling in the full four weeks of morning programming means your student will get specific educational enrichment that is more tailored to their academic needs, and beneficial than the programming that was implemented last year.

Ignite is taught by New Way teachers, who have been working hard to build a summertime curriculum with a New Way student in mind. Because we marketed the summer program only to New Way families and prospective students with learning differences, Ignite is a much more “dialed-back” program than it was last year. Therefore, the likelihood of neurotypical students receiving educational enrichment in the morning classes at Ignite is low.

Nope! Your student can only pay to take the culinary or dance class, with no obligation to enroll in afternoon recreation or morning enrichment. We also have after care available for a small additional weekly fee.

Ignite offers therapies! This year, we’re offering Speech and OT services throughout June, with sessions similar to the assistance that students would receive during the school year. Based on parent feedback, we’re also offering a handwriting workshop this year. Students will work simultaneously with an OT teacher and an English teacher, using practical application for handwriting practice throughout their language arts class.

Ignite’s 2019 program is a much more simplified version of what was offered last year. There will be thematic recreation in the afternoons (such as team sports, movement and games, or creativity), while two specialty classes are offered for those who have an interest in culinary arts or dance. With field trips and structured content classes planned for the mornings, Ignite 2019 has more flexibilty to provide New Way students with programming that specifically meets their needs and interests.

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